Real Estate in West Virginia

In the state of West Virginia, an attorney must be present on both sides of a real estate transaction for that transaction to be legal. The state does this to protect consumers, and to make sure that each process goes through properly. The state of West Virginia does allow real estate agents to work for both parties in the transaction, but the agent must sign an agreement alerting both parties to which sides the agent is working for. A real estate agent that does not alert the buyer that they are also working for the seller is in violation of West Virginia state law and could be subject to serious penalties.

While West Virginia does require real estate agents to establish clearly who they are working for, the state does not require agents to use their status to benefit one party or the other. The state allows agents to retain private information such as pricing and other issues, and does not require agents to reveal that information if the agent chooses not to.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in West Virginia

West Virginia Association of Realtors
Address: West Virginia Association of Realtors
2110 Kanawha Boulevard E
Charleston, WV 25311
Office Phone Number: (304) 342-7600
Web site:

Eastern Panhandle Board of Realtors, Incorporated
Address: Eastern Panhandle Board of Realtors, Incorporated
408 Randolph Street
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Office Phone Number: (304) 263-8512
Web site:

Huntington Board of Realtors
Address: Huntington Board of Realtors
5185 US Route 60
Suite 21
Huntington, WV 25705
Office Phone Number: (304) 302-0242
Web site: