Real Estate in Virginia

The commonwealth of Virginia has a long history of being a place that holds fast to its traditions. This can be seen in Virginia's real estate laws, especially in the area of disclosure. While sellers and their agents are not legally allowed to mislead property buyers in Virginia, those same sellers and agents are also not obliged to point any issues the home may have. In Virginia, the buyer is on their own when it comes to making sure that a property is up to expectations, and it is up to the buyer to be sure that any issues with the property are discovered before the sales agreement is signed.

The list of items that the seller is not responsible to disclose in Virginia is much longer than the list of problems that must be pointed out. A seller in Virginia does not need to tell a potential buyer if there are any structural issues with the property, if the property is in any way protected by regional or statewide historical ordinances, if the property is currently involved in any zoning violations or if the property is close to any registered sex offenders. Buyers in Virginia should hire a competent attorney and be prepared to do a lot of research before they purchase a property.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in Virginia

Virginia Association of Realtors
Address: Virginia Association of Realtors
10231 Telegraph Road
Glen Allen, VA 23059
Office Phone Number: (804) 264-5033
Web site:

Richmond Association of Realtors
Address: Richmond Association of Realtors
8975 Three Chopt Road
Richmond, VA 23229
Office Phone Number: (804) 422-500
Web site:

Virginia Peninsula Association of Realtors
Address: Virginia Peninsula Association of Realtors
1001 North Campus Parkway
Hampton, VA 23666
Office Phone Number: (757) 599-5222
Web site:

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