Real Estate in New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire tends to follow suit with most other states when it comes to their real estate transaction process. One of the unique aspects of real estate transactions in New Hampshire is the mandatory identification of buried oil tanks on properties. Throughout the state of New Hampshire, there are many properties that have buried oil tanks that were once used to store heating oil for the home. Before a sales agreement can be finalized in New Hampshire, the seller must inform the buyer as to whether or not there is an oil tank buried on the property. While state law does not require the tank to be removed, tank remediation can be added as a contingency of the sales contract.

While the state of New Hampshire does require disclosures on buried oil tanks, it does not require that drinking water wells be tested. Many of the rural properties in New Hampshire rely on wells for their drinking water, but the safe condition of those wells is not a mandatory part of the disclosure statement for sellers in New Hampshire. However, buyers can make the safe condition of the drinking water well a contingency in the sales contract if they so choose.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Association of Realtors
Address: New Hampshire Association of Realtors
11 S. Main Street
Suite 301
Concord, NH 03301
Office Phone Number: (603)-357-3035
Web site:

Greater Manchester-Nashua Board of Realtors
Address: Greater Manchester-Nashua Board of Realtors
318 S. River Rd
Bedford, NH 03110
Office Phone Number: (603)-668-1054
Web site:

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