Real Estate in Nebraska

In the state of Nebraska, a licensed real estate professional that is hired by the seller is considered to be an exclusive agent of the seller. However, Nebraska law does allow the agent to act on behalf of the seller and the buyer, provided that relationship is spelled out in writing and agreed to by all three parties. In some states, real estate agents are allowed to be independent contractors who work through a real estate office. In Nebraska, every real estate agent works directly for a real estate broker. The agent represents that broker directly, and buyers or sellers who have issues with the agent can take up those issues with the broker to get satisfaction.

The Real Estate Commission of Nebraska has prepared a pamphlet that outlines how the selling process works in real estate. By state law, every real estate agent must offer a copy of that pamphlet to every new customer before signing an agreement to represent that customer. The listing agreement that the seller and agent sign is considered a binding agreement to contract for the services of that agent. This means that the seller must, under Nebraska state law, be prepared to pay all of the fees and commissions outlined in that agreement once the property sells. It is important that sellers read the contract they are signing with a real estate agent and the state pamphlet before signing a listing agreement with an agent. For a comprehensive list of Real Estate Agents in Nebraska click here.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in Nebraska

Nebraska Realtors Association
Address: Nebraska Realtors Association
800 S 13th Street
Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68508
Office Phone Number: (402) 323-6500
Toll-Free Number: (800) 777-5231
Web site:

Realtors Association of Lincoln
Address: Realtors Association of Lincoln
8231 Beechwood Drive
Lincoln, NE 68510
Office Phone Number: (402) 441-3630
Web site:

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