Real Estate in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is unique in that the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area has real estate laws that are in addition to the laws the state has created. For example, no residential type property in the city of Minneapolis can be sold until the seller has filed a Truth-In-Sale Housing Report with the city. This is an evaluation done by the seller as to the condition of the property, and the evaluation remains on file with the city for a period of two years or when the property sells, whichever event occurs first. Sellers in Minneapolis must also file disclosure paperwork if they intend to do any remodeling to their home before selling it, and that disclosure paperwork is made part of the listing.

Minnesota has some very unique property laws that are designed to protect certain types of groups. For example, the Minnesota homestead law allows homeowners to designate part of their home a "homestead area" that is protected from creditors and bill collectors. Minnesota's adverse possession laws allow people who openly inhabit and upgrade abandoned properties to be able to claim title over those properties over a certain period of time. The waiting period depends on the type of property and where the property is located. This, in some ways, could allow someone to own a property without ever having to pay for it.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in Minnesota

Minnesota Association of Realtors
Address: Minnesota Association of Realtors
5750 Lincoln Drive
Edina, MN 55436
Office Phone Number: (952) 935-8313
Web site:

Greater Lakes Association of Realtors
Address: Greater Lakes Association of Realtors
15344 Pearl Drive
Baxter, MN 56425
Office Phone Number: (218) 828-4567
Web site:

St Paul Area Association of Realtors
Address: St Paul Area Association of Realtors
325 Roselawn Avenue E
St Paul, MN 55117
Office Phone: (651) 776-6000
Web site:

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