Real Estate in Michigan

In the state of Michigan, there is a disclosure process every seller must go through before a transaction can be considered legal. While Michigan adheres to many of the same disclosure laws as most other states, there are some unique elements of the Michigan laws that buyers and sellers should be aware of. For example, sellers are not required to submit a property disclosure in circumstances such as transferring property to a spouse or child, transfer of property under foreclosure, transferring property to a government agency and transferring newly constructed homes that have not yet been inhabited or assigned their certificate of habitability.

Many states have laws on the books that require sellers to disclose if there has either been a traumatic event that has occurred on a property or if the property was every used for illegal purposes. To this point, the state of Michigan has not taken steps to require sellers to disclose this type of information. Sellers must be sure to submit the completed disclosure statement before signing the sales agreement. If a seller signs a sales agreement without first submitting the disclosure agreement, then the buyer can ask to have the sales agreement terminated without any recourse to the seller.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in Michigan

Commercial Board of Realtors
Address: Commercial Board of Realtors
5349 Old Franklin Road
Grand Blanc, MI 48439
Office Phone Number: (810) 603-0676
Web site:

Michigan Realtors Association
Address: Michigan Realtors Association
720 N Washington Avenue
Lansing, MI 48906
Office Phone Number: (800) 454-7842
Web site:

Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors
Address: Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors
20 Oak Hollow Street
Suite 100
Southfield, MI 48033
Office Phone Number: (248) 478-1700
Web site:

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