Real Estate in Indiana

In Indiana, there is an emphasis on warning potential real estate buyers about any possible hazards that may exist before a property can be sold. A seller must reveal any presence of substances such as asbestos, lead paint or radon gas as part of a real estate listing. If an Indiana property owner is trying to sell a home that was built before 1978, then the seller must provide documentation that the property complies with all federal laws regarding the removal of lead paint, asbestos and a list of other hazardous materials.

The disclosures required by sellers under Indiana state law include appliances, furnaces and any other systems that will be included with the sale of the property. However, the seller is not required by law to actually test any part of the home to see if it is need of repair or replacement. The seller is only required to disclose issues that they are familiar with after living in the house. That means that Indiana is still very much a "buyer beware" state, and all real estate buyers should be sure to do thorough tests of any properties they intend to buy to find out exactly what they are getting into.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in Indiana

Indiana Association of Realtors
Address: Indiana Association of Realtors
320 N Meridian Street
Suite 428
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Office Phone Number: (317) 913-3230
Web site:

Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors
Address: Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors
800 East 86th Avenue
Merrillville, IN 46410
Office Phone Number: (219) 795-3600
Web site:

Mid-Indiana Realtor Association
Address: Mid-Indiana Realtor Association
1912 N Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Office Phone Number: (317) 956-1912
Web site:

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