Real Estate in Georgia

The state of Georgia does not have a standardized disclosure form for defects in residential properties during the process of a sale, but the seller is still required to alert the buyer to any defects the seller is aware of. The one exception would be any defects the buyer can see for themselves when they inspect the property prior to purchasing it. For example, the seller does not need to point out a large hole in the roof of the property if the buyer has seen the hole for themselves. If it is discovered after the sale that the seller attempted to conceal defects from the buyer, then the buyer can sue for repair costs in court.

Some states require sellers to inform potential buyers as to whether or not a homicide or other felony had occurred in the property in the past. But in Georgia, state law does not require a seller to inform a potential buyer of any crime that has been committed in the property.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in Georgia

Georgia Realtors Association
Address: Georgia Realtors Association
6065 Barfield Road
Atlanta, GE 30328-4402
Office Phone Number: (770) 451-1831
Toll-Free Number: (866) 280-0576
Web site:

Metro South Association of Realtors
Address: Metro South Association of Realtors
1671 Adamson Pkwy
Suite 100
Morrow, GA 30260
Office Phone Number (770) 961-0134
Web site:

Savannah Area Realtors
Address: Savannah Area Realtors
7015 Hodgson Memorial Drive
Savannah, GA 31406
Office Phone Number: (912) 354-1513
Web site:

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