Real Estate in Florida

The disclosure laws for the sale of residential property in the state of Florida mirror the various types of situations found in the state. For example, any buyer who wants to buy a property located in an area considered to be a threat for flooding must buy flood insurance at rates dictated by the state. Florida has seen a rapid rise in the number of new residential properties being built, and that has caused some additions to the disclosure process that are not found in many other states. For example, the seller must disclose to any potential buyer whether or not there have been disputes regarding the property boundaries on the property in question. With rapid expansion often comes sloppy surveying, and a buyer must be informed of this particular issue before the property can be sold.

Florida disclosure laws also require sellers to inform potential buyers of any past wood-eating bug infestations, the presence of any known sinkholes, the known presence of any hazardous substances such as asbestos and the presence of a hazardous substance found primarily in Florida call Chinese drywall. The seller must also disclose whether or not the ownership of the property is affected by the rules of any homeowners or condominium associations.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in Florida

Miami Association of Realtors
Address: Miami Association of Realtors
700 S Royal Poinciana Boulevard
Suite 400
Miami, FL 33166
Office Phone Number: (305) 468-7000
Web site:

Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association
Address: Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association
Fort Myers Office: 2840 Winkler Avenue
Fort Myers, Florida 33916
Office Phone Number: (239) 936-3537

Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association Cape Coral Office
918 SE 46th Lane
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Office Phone Number: 239) 542-6209
Web site:

Orlando Regional Realtor Association
Address: Orlando Regional Realtor Association
1330 Lee Road
Orlando, FL 32810
Office Phone Number: (407) 253-3580
Web site:

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