Real Estate in Alabama

Alabama is one of the very few true "buyer beware" states in the country that offers almost no protection for buyers of previously owned residential properties. Where most states require the seller to file a form that reveals any known issues with the property, Alabama does not require the seller to file any such form. The state of Alabama also has no rules when it comes to sellers revealing property issues to buyers, regardless as to whether those issues are obvious or not.

The fact that Alabama does not require any paperwork to be filled out to reveal problems with a residential property does not mean that the seller is absolved of all responsibility. If the seller and buyer have any type of legal arrangement where one is legally responsible for the care of the other, then the seller must reveal any issues. If the seller knows of any defects in the property that could pose potential health issues, then the seller must warn the buyer of those issues prior to signing the sales agreement. If the buyer asks about property defects, then the seller must list all of the defects associated with the property. It is up to the buyer to get that list of defects in writing.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in Alabama

Real Estate Associates of Alabama, Inc.
Address: Real Estate Associates of Alabama, Inc.
820 Hwy 231 South
Troy, AL 36081
Phone Number: (334) 566-5335
Web site:

Eddleman Realty, LLC
Address: Eddleman Realty, LLC
2700 Highway 280
Suite 425 West
Birmingham, AL 35223
Phone Number: (205) 871-9755
Web site:

MarMac Real Estate Agency of Alabama, Inc.
Address: MarMac Real Estate Agency of Alabama, Inc.
2114 Central Parkway
Suite A
Decatur, AL 35601
Office Phone Number: (256) 250-6009
Toll-Free Number: (877) 350-6009
Web site:

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