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Welcome to!  This organization is dedicated to promoting good business practices for real estate agents and how to develop the best in customer service, can do attitude, and getting real results for their clients. We are currently freshening up this site so expect some useful improvements but in the mean time this site is an easy to use guide to find some of the best real estate agencies around the globe.

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One of the many goals of this organization is to adhere to the highest standards that are indicative of outstanding representation which include keeping all matters between the real estate agent and their client confidential that may adversely or negatively impact their customer’s ability to negotiate with either buyers or sellers. Our members are also required to maintain accountability with their clients in so much that they should keep adequate records regarding their communication with their clients and any contracts or other paperwork that be a part of any transaction. Loyalty is another quality that we require of all of our members in that they will keep their client’s best interests at the forefront and to ensure that even if they have a superior advantage of personal interest in a particular property or situation that they will give their clients the opportunity to act (or not act) and notify them up front that they intend to act if their client does not take action. It is important for our members to be dependable so that their clients can rely upon what their agent states as material facts regarding a property and to offer expert guidance regarding the situation and what would be the best course for their client’s to pursue to maximize benefit for them. Obedience (as long as it is lawful and ethical) to each real estate agencies’ client’s wishes must be followed to the letter. As long as you are working with a particular customer, our members must follow their instructions to the letter without personal interpretation. It is our members commitment to provide the BEST buying or selling experience for each of their clients and to ensure that their satisfaction is our real estate agencies top priority for any deal. For persons that may be interested in joining our organization, be sure to contact us and we will send to you by email our membership application so that you can be considered.


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