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Get a Set of Emporio Armani Boxer Briefs

March 22nd, 2015

Get a pair of Emporio Armani boxer briefs for the man the love. He will love the Emporio Armani boxer briefs because of the high quality that Armani uses in all of his fashions. Besides, when he sees that Armani name you will realize that you think that he is special deserves the best.

After all, it is true, he does deserve the best because he is the perfect husband. There are not many other husbands that do the things that he does. Call many other husbands would come home and make dinner after working all day at the office? How many husbands would be considerate enough to take a day off when you need someone to talk to?

There are so many wonderful things that he does that makes your life enjoyable. For example, when you had your third child he was there every day at the hospital to make sure that everything was okay. When you decided to go back to university to get your teaching degree be supported you both financially and emotionally.

If there was an award for husband of the year then he would when it has down, there would be no competition. Therefore, the lease that you can do is buy him something special. All you will need to do is go down to your local Armani store and buy a pair of Emporio Armani boxer briefs.

In fact, because he is such a good husband you should also buy him a complete wardrobe including brand-new suit and time. This is what an appreciative wife would do for someone that she cares about, someone that she loves. There is nothing better than receiving a product from Armani. It is a high quality product that shows you really care.

Why You Should Invest In A Go Pro Silver Edition

February 27th, 2015

If you are an outdoor person who likes to perform a wide range of activities from hiking to surfing, from camping to off road biking, from mountain climbing to sky diving, then you might want to seriously consider getting yourself a professional camera to help you record tons of great and exciting moments.

If we analyze the market right now, there is no better solution than the Go Pro Silver Edition when it comes to professional cameras for extreme sports and activities. What makes the GoPro so special is a variety of things, and we’ll look at several of them in detail to help you make an informed decision, and also understand how both complex and simple they are at the same time.

First off, the Silver Edition allows us to capture both pictures and video at a very close range, basically right in the heart of the action, regardless of what extreme sport or activity you undergo. They are extremely portable and easy to mount, weighing only around 2 pounds, so they can effortlessly be attached to your car, your bike, your helmet or any other piece of equipment you might want to attach it to.

Both picture and video offer amazing quality, with 12MP pictures and the highest resolution video capture which is 1080p60, thanks to the wide lens cameras the silver edition comes equipped with. The touch screen on these things is very responsive and easy to use allowing you to quickly and easily look over your captures, and it also comes with WIFI and Bluetooth capabilities to quickly transfer them to the device of your choosing.

The next big perk we need to talk about is durability of equipment. Considering the extreme conditions you may want to use it in, it will amaze you with how much resilient it actually is. You can use it underwater, through mud, in pouring rain, and you can even accidentally drop it from considerable heights and it will stay intact without as much as a scratch.

Battery life differs from the black edition, with customers reporting that battery for the silver edition lasts easily up to two hours, while battery for the black edition would last around one hour and ten minutes in comparison.

So if you are an outdoor enthusiast who wants to records great video and take top quality images from your activities then the silver series is by far the best solution available regardless of the sport or activity of your desire.

How To Obtain The Gavin CT

January 8th, 2015

Today enjoy their work in the Plant Civil Association through which provides lectures and workshops encouraging them to enter school and energizing the wonderful world of native mens dvs shoes. Hundreds of small barilochenses have shared in their campaigns reforestation areas affected by fires. UDI Senator Ivan Moreira publicly acknowledged receiving irregular cash in his political campaign, through research that drives the Prosecutor against some of the top conservative leaders of the country and on the initiative of the government of Michelle Bachelet regular contributions to matches.

“I recognize this public act by the mechanism used (to raise funds for the campaign) was irregular,” admitted Moreira from the headquarters of his party. “I am giving face, recognizing my mistakes and asking manfully public apology,” insisted the congressman, an avowed follower of the late dictator Augusto Pinochet. The government led by Socialist Michelle Bachelet said he was “surprised” by the words of Moreira and asked the Justice investigate the facts thoroughly. “These statements realize the enormous challenge we have substantively raise levels of transparency and probity in the financing of all political activity,” said government spokesman Minister Alvaro Elizalde.

The spokesman also defended the need to amend existing legislation on political financing that allows businesses to discount them secret donations and taxes. “As a government we have it presented a bill that realizes this need,” he said. The scandal, which involves even millionaires illegal dvs shoes cheap contributions ae presidential candidates right, threatens to cause the excesses of at least two opposition senators Moreira and parliamentary Ena von Baer, ​​also of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI).

His eventual departure expand the government majority in the Senate, composed of 38 seats, at a time when the government is putting the debate to reform the Constitution camera. Bachelet sent to Congress on December 15 to Congress a bill that bans contributions by companies to political campaigns. “The project we are presenting is part of a comprehensive and modern on what should be the policy in a democracy look,” said the president to defend the initiative.

Needing to shampoo your hair is a myth

January 8th, 2015

Young assured that do not have sales targets or promotion. “I have no idea how many devices will sell. I am only interested the music. If people comment with friends, this is our marketing plan,” he said. The Pono managed to raise $ 6.5 million by Kickstarter, according to moroccan oil for hair. The National Union of Students (UNE) will hold, between 1 and 6 February, in Rio de Janeiro, the biggest student festival in Latin America, the Biennial of UNE. The house event will be one of the most traditional cultural centers of Rio, the Progress Casting, in the neighborhood of Lapa. The house, listed by IPHAN and with over 100 years of history, today is a reference for different artistic expressions of the city. In 2007, the foundry was once the seat of the 5th edition of the Biennale of UNE.

Are expected 10,000 students from universities throughout Brazil? A base of the festival coordinating body already installed on the 2nd floor of the building and the adjustments are being made ​​to the beginning of the Biennial. Home to major cultural groups in the Rio like Intrepid Troupe, Warehouse Theatre Company, Theatre of Anonymous and traditional Marchinhas Contest Rio carnival, the Progress Casting works great as a center of circulation and production of knowledge in the neighborhood. As president of the Foundry, Perfect Fortuna, will host the special Biennale again: “We are honored to receive young people from all over Brazil and such an important organization That space inspire reflection and they can find wise and current solutions to problems. As old in Brazil and the planet, “he points out. The building Foundry Progress under the moroccan oil hydrating shampoo, is a historical heritage. Here was based the stove Progress Factory, founded in the late nineteenth century and closed in 1976. With the closure of the factory, the building was vacated and would be demolished but in 1982 a group of artists and producers held a casting to turn it into a great artistic space.

A Bag For Your Whole Weekend

January 5th, 2015

Film director manchego was followed by an injury suffered by a cyclist Vigo after falling into a trap of a mountain when practicing sport. Spanish TV presenter Mariló Montero was another major players in 2014. It occupies the thirteenth position with his “The letter Asunta Family signing such a QDEP”. The channel Intereconomía criticized Pablo Iglesias, Secretary General can, buys clothes at Auchan . A small piece in which such nonsense was collected totaled 113,950 punctures.

The last post of this ranking of the 15 most viewed news in 2014 closes news last year. Specifically April 2013. It was an interview with María Belón, Spanish surviving the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia and inspired the movie The Impossible . His appearance in this ranking reflects the open Telecinco broadcast this film. The general public knew Maria Belon and the interview conducted by Maria Vidal viralizó to sneak vera bradley weekender bag into this list. There were many events this year caused impact on the country.

Since arrests of judges for corruption and multiple impairments on credit Puerto Rico, to the controversial “crudità” the crisis of public corporations and the terrible slaughter in Guaynabo. It was not all bad: we had a year full of artistic achievements internationally. Calle 13 was consecrated again as the biggest winner of Latin Grammy and tennis player Monica Puig revalidated as champion in the Central American and Caribbean Games, to name a few.

But what was what our audience wanted to read? Here we present where to buy vera bradley the most read stories in ELNUEVODIA.COM during 2014: JANUARY : Photogallery about the trajectory of Mónica Spear – Former Miss Venezuela was murdered in her country with her ​​ex-husband and against her surviving daughter. Worth noting that this month found guilty Pablo Casellas for the murder of his wife Carmen Paredes.

FEBRUARY : Die comedian Luis Raul – Some Puerto Ricans can not yet believe that the artist is gone. Gone was the news about Pablo Casellas sentence for the crime that captured the media. MARCH : video investigate sexual enacto policemen – The recording was made ​​public through a messaging application and many people were stunned. Had more impact than the news about Cesco employee who fainted when arrested for fraud.

Makeup the parts you are lacking

December 23rd, 2014

It is expected that the matter be voted on the floor of Congress National from February next year. Until then, the government will have at your disposal one twelfth (one twelfth) of R $ 2.9 trillion budget planned for the payment of disbursements and expenses. According to the Senator’s office, there were no changes in sensitive budget for 2015 in comparison with previous stila long wear foundation or the initial proposal presented by the government. In general, changes occur by means of amendments presented by parliamentarians. Some of them have been followed and the result, for example, increase of 9% in the funding of health, compared to 2014. It also was accepted the amendment that rounds the minimum wage at $ 790, from 2015 – adjustment 8.85% over the salary this year. Another amendment will allocate US $ 3.9 billion to compensate effects of Kandir Law.

Each parliamentarian may submit a maximum of 25 amendments to the budget, totaling R $ 16.3 million. Thus, the parliamentary amendments will total US $ 9.7 billion. Half of this amount will have to be compulsorily allocated to health. The Ministry of Health will have R $ 109.2 billion budget and the Ministry of Education has budget forecast of R $ 101.3 billion. According to Juca, there are still amendments aimed at strengthening Brazil’s borders to the country’s development and the fight against drug trafficking and improving the stila makeup kit conditions of the Federal Police, the Public Ministry of the Union and the Court of Auditors. Also according to the LOA 2015’s US $ 27.1 billion inflow forecast for spending on the Family Grant Program. The expenditure for the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) are budgeted at $ 134.2 billion. Of the US $ 2.9 trillion in the proposed budget for 2015, US $ 105.7 billion will rise as the investment budget to be made by state enterprises.

Only The Best Peaches And Cream

December 23rd, 2014

If Russia was at war against Ukraine, it has long would get to Kiev, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. According to him, in Kiev today there are normal people who are aware of the fact that Russia for them – a brotherly country, but they are forced to remain silent. If Russia really waging war against Ukraine in Kiev would have long held sway officials from Russia. This was stated by the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia” .


“If the Crimea and the Donbass want to live apart from Ukraine and join the historical homeland, it does not mean that they have done something horrible. If Russia fought against Ukraine, long time ago in Kiev would sit Russian officials. Pick up the Donbass or Kiev – it is easy, there are no soldiers, there are normal people sit at home, those who remember the story, remember how their fathers and grandfathers died for the night cream, for the USSR, they know that we are brothers, but they are silent today. And the Nazis came out today, formed by the West and shout their slogans. I think it will be a little difficult, but if it was all easy, it would not be interesting to live in this world. Those who looks through binoculars and thinks that “tomorrow Putin will “have to go to our ship, then it will be easier to reach the goal,” – said Kadyrov.

He also commented on the clash of elites in Ukraine and questions about their division into “men of honor” and “traitors”, “I think if they [some members of the elite, who fear for their business] go, the Russian economy it will be good. We need not the number and quality of people. And these people have surrounded our president. Now it’s time to make certain decisions, and if someone is not satisfied with the decision of our Supreme Commander, they have to leave our ship. I had my way, I would have them for a long time said: “Salaam alaikum.” But our president wiser – he decides not once, but very true. Any decision Putin we will maintain. “

Keeping Time All The Time

December 15th, 2014

As it turned out, the debt “ZHILKOMSERVIS” to suppliers of resources has exceeded 120 million rubles, and the amount of the accumulated debt of residents – more than 30 million.

The authorities intend to severely punish defaulters – worst debtors may even be evicted from their apartments by the court.

Now officials are thinking about how to bring this enterprise from the verge of bankruptcy. The same test as soon as possible and wait for other urban MUPy.

In the Bryansk Bryansk city administration confirmed the resignation of the actingDeputy Mayor Vladimir Voronin , calling it tommy hilfiger watch.

Thus, Voronin voluntarily left the same position for the second time. Recall that the deputy chair , he returned a couple of months ago . Then the appointment of many caused a mixed reaction, bearing in mind the circumstances in which officialresigned in January 2012 – it happened after the death of the drowned in the reservoir polutoragodovalogo baby Kirill Didenko.


Duties will be dismissed Voronin while acting Chief of Staff Alexander Kiryushchenko administration.

However, voluntary resignation believe not all. The arrests of the former mayor Sergei Smirnov and instructor for the company “evrootdelka” Svetlana Roman forced administration officials to wonder whether not connected between these events. It is noteworthy that he himself acting Mayor Vyacheslav Tulupov never imagined that so soon have to part with Voronin. He sang his deputy whole ode in an interview with the newspaper “Bryansk Worker”. Correspondent recalled questioned the appointment of Voronin, “the offender that authorized the adoption of the ill-fated house in white beaches . ” Sheepskins immediately shield friend:

– Vladimir became a hostage situation. But he’s a good specialist, we started together engineers, I trust stainless steel watch. Generally selected team of excellent professionals. My first deputy Viktor Predeha excellent command of economics and finance, Lyudmila Goncharova long been aware of social problems. Team, everyone knows what and how to do it.

Especially touching was voiced reference to the fact that Voronin allegedly was “a hostage situation.”Clearly, 1941 was obviously his captured Nazis, who were forced to sign a paper by force of arms.

Check it out Man

December 4th, 2014

An assessment team of the Federal Government should do on Thursday on their way to northern Iraq, to ​​assess the participation of the Bundeswehr in a military training mission. The team includes three representatives of the Defense Ministry and the Foreign Ministry. Germany is considering the training of armed forces in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil. The German government wants to support the fight against the IS-terrorist militia.

The IS-extremists are said to have killed more than 200 members of a Sunni tribe in western Iraq. The news site Al-Sumaria reported, citing a tribal sheikh from a mass grave with 150 corpses near the town of Ramadi.

The portal Al-Mada reported also that extremists rounded up and shot tennis shorts in the nearby town of Hit 30 fighters of the same strain. On Wednesday, the IS-wing extremists had killed more than 40 members of the tribe Bu Nimr in Hit.

In June, the Sunni extremists killed IS-according to human rights activists near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, some 600 inmates a prison, most of them Shiites. The terrorists had rounded up and shot their victims in a ravine, the human rights organization Human Rights Watch reported on Thursday, citing survivors.

Since the outbreak of the crisis, both the NATO Ukraine as gym shorts men well as Russia have repeatedly demonstrated with military exercises on land, at sea and in the air force. This week NATO but has now been observed such extensive maneuvers of the Russian Air Force on the European seas, that the military headquarters of NATO in Mons, Belgium broke nervousness. As NATO reported , flew on Tuesday and on Wednesday a total of 26 long-range bombers and fighter jets four maneuvers over the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Black Sea. The airspace of NATO was partially not hurt a hair’s breadth, so as a precaution ascended fighter jets of various NATO ally.

Sweet memories of Cebu

December 2nd, 2014

Last month, the renewable power giant hot wheels collection Galp Energia decided not to pay the outstanding contribution of the energy sector that is required of them, similar to that made REN opting for even challenge it in legal terms, a company source told Lusa.

“Galp Energia, after careful analysis supported by legal opinions from best hot wheels cars reputable legal advisers, decided not to reverse charge the extraordinary contribution of the energy sector, due to the illegality of this tribute form of payment, and recourse to legal means available for the protection of their legitimate rights as a privately held corporation” argued the same source, in a written response signed by an attorney.

This position of Galp follows a similar attitude of REN, which, in a statement released today by the Commission on the Securities Market website, said it “did not carry the date of submission to the competent settlement statement, not to the corresponding payment the extraordinary contribution of the energy sector relating to 2014, insofar as it continues to assess the legality of that contribution. ”

Galp Energia has included the value of EUR 21.5 million on its balance sheet in the third quarter of 2014. This is highly relative to this extraordinary contribution on energy sector introduced by the State Budget for 2014, which they are refusing payment on this fee.

In the case of REN is concerned, a total monetary value of EUR 25 million is going unaccounted for. In turn, EDP paid the € 69 million that were expected, said a company source the Business Journal. The deadline for these payments ended on November 15.

My First Kiss from an Alien

December 1st, 2014

OMG BECKI LOOK AT HER BUTT! I said as I strolled down the sandy stretch of vacationers in South Beach. You see I’m a totally hot rockstar and I was partying down in Miami for the 8th weekend in a row. It was exceptionally hot on this day and my crocs original tags were starting to melt off of my shoes, and needless to say, I was getting pretty ticked off about it. I mean you buy a pair of shoes and they aren’t like, supposed to melt right? Well, I’m a super rich and famous rockstar so I figured I could just by another crocs classic clog later that day, I only buy one at a time because I like to be a dick at the shoe store, I’m a rockstar, what to do you expect? So anyways, I’m walking down the beach and out of no where, like out of a freakin Orson Wells story, a huge spaceship lands on the freakin beach right in front of me.

The spaceship opens up and out comes the sexiest alien I’ve ever seen, well at least in the past few weeks. So about 25 aliens come down from this ship and they don’t look very happy, my soon to be alien girlfriend walks up to me and says “Bleep glurp blop blop bleepy blop,” which I assume was alien for pour some sugar on me. So luckily I had a bag of “white sugar” with me and I dumped it all over her head. She started screaming and melted right there on the beach, it was totally weird man. This really didn’t sit well with the other aliens because they were all like “Hey! Not cool man.” Apparently they speak English and the hot alien chick I just melted was a deaf mute who was just delivering us the cure for cancer, my bad earth.


Anyways, the aliens explained to me that I could bring her back with love’s first kiss but I had to scoop up her remains and put them in the fridge for 2-4 hours while they hardened, kinda like making jello. As I waited for my hot extraterrestrial girlfriend to get all jiggly with it I watched a few episodes of family guy. When she finally finished cooking or whatever I pulled her out and kissed her. It didn’t work.


November 26th, 2014

The agreement with Australia immediately after the G-20 summit to the west sustained sharpen the image that free trade with China’s own economy is doing well. Abbott sees Australia as a winner in any event and spoke of the “best agreement of all times”. China is already the largest trading partner of the country. 130 billion US dollars, the volume of transactions that were completed last year between the two countriAustralia’s agriculture now hopes for a new boom. Import duties on dairy products, beef and wine are to be dismantled completely over the next few years. Critics say that a large part of Australian dairy farms are already in Chinese hands and therefore no Australians would deserve it. The government maintains, however, that long-term jobs will be saved, if Chinese consumers drink wine and milk from Australia peach naked.

Notably, private Chinese companies it easier, however, in future, to invest in sensitive sectors such as commodities, but also telecommunications, media and the defense industry “down under”. To date, the share capital of the Chinese foreign investment is only 1.3 percent.

In his talk show Günther Jauch had tried with good guests catch the uncritical interview again. The German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, the WDR-editor in chief and former Moscow correspondent Sonia Mikich and the historian Heinrich August Winkler relativized Putin grossest distortions confidence.Nevertheless, the Kremlin chief was allowed previously set out in a half-hour interview, his view of things, without fear of painful questions naked peach.

Because had led the conversation Hubert Seipel, the nachzuhaken of a large topic jumped to another without a single time. The journalist was allowed to accompany Putin 2011 during months to the documentary film “Putin I” to turn. As part of the Ukraine crisis he has publicly campaigned for greater understanding of the Kremlin chief . It is not surprising that Seipel toothless led the now published interview with Putin and important points not even addressed. He would have these questions but be sure to ask: Putin justify the annexation of the Crimea with the securitized in the UN Charter right to self-determination of peoples. When Putin Russian Prime Minister in 1999 but was, he started the second Chechen war. The Russian army destroyed the Chechen capital Grozny completely. As the first calls the second Chechen war, an estimated 80,000 deaths . Elected by the people of Chechnya in 1997 under OSCE supervision president Aslan Maskhadov was killed by special forces of the Russian secret service in 2005. So why should Chechnya otherwise apply as for the Crimea and eastern Ukraine?naked-juice-lawsuit-settlement

Still Zipped

November 24th, 2014

The stable labor market has a positive effect on domestic demand. Allianz chief economist Michael Heise argues: “The growing employment creates income in conjunction with the very low inflation and rapidly rising wages, the effective purchasing power of incomes takes to accelerate..” Should therefore increasing the stimuli for the entire economy of the consumer demand.

The economic institutions complain that the introduction of the minimum wage will cost jobs in 2015. For Löchel of the Frankfurt School of Finance is not identified “. The new scheme mainly affects fringe player in the economy, the big companies and the German middle class are far from the minimum wage,” he says. Whether the minimum wage is really cost jobs and if so, how many, do not be predictable.

In addition: The interest rates are historically low, the budget is balanced. Much-needed investment in infrastructure could support growth, argues the union-affiliated Hans Boeckler Foundation. The scope for this is available.

In its autumn report, the economists also point to the many global crises. The conflicts in the Ukraine as well as in Syria and Iraq would bring a lot of uncertainty. But in the end roxy swimwear you can see the glass half empty or half full: “The world economy is more robust than it may seem, given the political and military crises,” Write, for example, the economists of the Alliance in its latest economic forecast. World trade will grow faster next year than 2013th.


Löchel supplemented by the Frankfurt School of Finance: “The growth in the US is currently at about three percent, which is also very gratifying for us.” The Americans have traditionally had a negative current account – so they import more than they export. “This may in the near future an economic engine for the world,” says Löchel. For us, this development will arrive delayed only slightly.

The development in the emerging markets is not as bad as many claim, “Sure, gone are the days in which China and other booming markets have grown by ten percent,” says Löchel. But he also expects positive growth impulses from China: The country would export less, consume it more. “More consumption means for us more roxy shoes: More opportunities for German machine manufacturers who want to sell their goods in this production area,” said the economists. “The German consumer industry is likely to benefit from it.”

The economists expect the alliance that exports from Germany will grow by 4.1 percent next year, down from 3.3 percent this year. The export-oriented economy is likely to benefit from a continued weak euro. And the demand from the euro area would be expected to gradually revive.


Trust Vs. Truth

November 24th, 2014

The senators Isidro Pedraza and Armando Rios Piter indicated that PRD bench looking at the new president of the CNDH’s capacity for autonomy to recover public trust before the crisis matter, even one of the basic questions is how candidates react to serious problems such as those currently facing the country as Iguala and Tlatlaya .The evening eye shadownatural eye collection coordinator Rusty Brown, said that the events of Iguala, the CNDH is absent.

“Hopefully the new appointment the place during this whole leading role, which is what we wanted.” He added that for this reason, the parliamentary group is getting to those with higher merit to that position, “but as president I cannot rule out anyone. Raul Plascencia is competing like any other, not so privileged, “he said. However Senator Isidro Pedraza, told La Razon that were discarded Plascencia in this group at the meeting, because “there Some factors that have questioned the independence of the NHRC … plus it has been a person who has been in the public eye and has several questions.”

He noted that even “in serious cases being experienced by the country, the Commission on resolutions has been as serious but its recommendations are moderate, lukewarm, it is a contradiction.” Rios Piter said that the facts of Iguala and Tlatlaya “show that there is a huge crisis in the Mexican state in which we require that the autonomy that can have the National Human Rights Commission, and it depends on the profile of who is appointed in this institution, may be the fundamental premise of the decision that we will make.”

Completely disintegrated bodies that were exposed to a temperature that reached 1,600 degrees.In these conditions are the remains found in several garbage bags, black, in the area of ​​Loma Coyote, and Guerrero according prisoners who testified before the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), belong to the 43 students Normal School Ayotzinapa. Despite its state of deterioration of neutral eye shadow collection from exposure to intense heat, two of these parts could be identified. Among them is a head, the prosecutor acknowledged Mexico, Jesús Murillo Karam.

Beauty Ideals

November 7th, 2014

This week, we looked at cuisinart csb-75bc smart stick 2-speed immersion hand blender and cuisinart immersion blender in order to analyze beauty ideals. The first article compared ‘looks’ found in magazines with those found in music television. Englis, Solomon & Ashmore categorized their results into six classes of beauty: classic feminine, exotic, trendy, cute, girl-next-door, and sex-kitten. It was found that the first three are the most common styles portrayed in today’s media, whereas the others are less popular.


The second article took a different approach to the study while using the same six standards of beauty. Frith, Shaw, & Chen researched the ideals of different countries rather than different media. The United States represented the culture of the Western world. The Eastern world was expressed through Taiwan and Singapore. The results from this study often complimented those of the first study, validating that ‘classic feminine’ is the most sought-after look of modern women. However, it found that the ‘cute look’ was much more popular in the Asian countries than in the States.

The articles by Englis, Solomon, & Ashmore, and Frith, Shaw, & Chen, provided a foundation for our research and analysis of beauty ideals. In this research paper, we will compare Brazil and Sweden, which represent two contrasting cultures.

We will compare three aspects of beauty in terms of these two countries. The first aspect is the exotic look vs. the feminine look to discover which is more popular. The second aspect is the priority of beauty, and whether more effort is spent on the body or on the face. Finally, we will consider cosmetic surgery and the two countries’ stance on the controversial issue.

This can lead into chloe’s part about the hypothesis and method etc.

One of the main reasons cosmetic surgery is so popular in Brazil is because of the beautiful beaches. People want to look good in public so both men and women get different procedures done to enhance their physical appearance. Sweden is much more popular for its ski resorts than its beaches, so this is one of the reasons cosmetic surgery is less popular there.


In Brazil, the two most popular operations are liposuction and Botox. Liposuction removes fat from different areas around the body, most commonly the abdomen and thighs. Botox is an injection that tightens the skin, removing wrinkles. In Sweden, the most common surgery is a boob job.


In Brazil, cosmetic surgery is becoming part of the culture, particularly in the upper class. The expensive surgeries are considered a luxury product for the richer citizens of the country. Sweden only had 4,326 plastic surgeries last year whereas Brazil had 47,957.


This tells us that Brazilians generally relate beauty to bodies whereas Sweden relates beauty to clothes, probably because they already have perfect bone structure, blonde hair and blue eyes.